dustin savage is an american graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and much, much more.


Born and raised in Tuscaloosa, AL, Dustin uses his interpretation of the South to create inspired works through realism and other forms of art, such as fauvism and abstraction. For example, his works range from the whitetail deer in a rich wooded environment to the use of primary colors and their compliments to portray intensity and excitement that provokes a sense of abstraction throughout the overall uniformity of the piece. 

Dustin’s style adaptability has enabled him to interpret employer and customer visions into successful works of art. His work experience includes an internship at Crimson Tide Sports Productions creating high-end graphics for an elite collegiate sports program along with employment by Campus Collection, a national graphic T-shirt company. Dustin is currently working as the lead graphic designer for Buds Gun Shop, the largest online retailer of firearms in the United States.

He recently graduated from the University of Alabama in August 2015 with a major in Graphic Design/Digital Media and a minor in Art History.